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The Netherlands may send F-16s to Ukraine after pilot training

May 26, 2023

The Netherlands may send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine after the pilots have been trained.

Two people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg in a commentary.

According to the agency's sources, the Dutch government has been in talks with US officials in recent weeks to force President Joe Biden's administration to give the green light to supply the aircraft to Ukraine.

It is noted that the Netherlands is already studying and discussing with its allies possible plans to train Ukrainian pilots.


Despite the readiness of the Dutch government to help strengthen Ukraine's air defense as soon as possible, pilot training and planning for the deployment of fighters and logistics can take many months.

Currently, the Netherlands has 42 F-16s in service, of which 24 are currently used by the Dutch army and cannot be transferred to Ukraine until mid-2024. Another 12 of the 18 planes were to be sold to Draken International, but the government postponed the transfer in December without explanation.

Ukraine may receive some of the planes that were planned to be sold or some of the 24 planes from the Dutch army next year, depending on the training schedule.

The Netherlands maintains the airworthiness of all of its F-16 fighters through regular maintenance.

Author - Olena Madiak, 26/05/2023

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