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The US and Iran held talks on the situation in the Middle East

May 19, 2024

Senior officials of the administration of US President Joe Biden recently visited Oman, where they held indirect talks with Iranian officials.


This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to Axios.

According to the publication, during the talks, the United States and Iran discussed how to avoid an escalation of terrorist attacks.

According to preliminary data, the United States was represented by Brett McGurk, the President's adviser on Middle East affairs, and Abram Paley, the acting US representative in Iran. It is not known who was on the Iranian side. The talks themselves took place on Tuesday in Oman.

US representatives expressed their concern about the status of Iran's nuclear program. In addition, the Americans tried to explain to Iran the possible consequences of the actions of their “partners” in the region. Here we are talking about the Hezbollah terrorist group in Lebanon, militants in Syria and Iraq, Hamas, and the Houthis in Yemen.

It follows that the United States could threaten Iran with consequences in case of an escalation of attacks on Israel and support for the Houthis in the Red Sea.

Turns out the US has an official representative in Iran. Don't you have a representative in Russia?

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 19/05/2024

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