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Trump spoke out for the first time about the need to support Ukraine

Apr 20, 2024

Former President of the United States of America Donald Trump said that Ukraine's survival is important to the United States and rebuked European allies for not supporting Kyiv enough.

"Why can't Europe allocate the same or comparable money that the United States of America is putting in to help a country that desperately needs it? As everyone agrees, Ukrainian survival and strength should be far more significant to Europe than it is to us, but it is also significant to us. Move it, Europe! - he wrote on his Truth Social network on April 18.

This statement from Trump came a day after he met with Polish President Andrzej Duda and praised the country. Trump and the Polish leader discussed Duda's proposal that NATO members spend at least 3 percent of their GDP on defense, rather than 2 percent, as current rules stipulate.

In his post, Trump spoke for the first time about the need to increase support for Ukraine, although he did not support the $61 billion bill for the country that the House of Representatives is expected to vote on soon.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 20/04/2024

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