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UK Intelligence: Russians in Donbas have not advanced in recent days

Jul 14, 2022

According to British intelligence, over the past three days Russian forces in the Donbass have not made any significant advance.

And they generally risk losing the momentum they had after the occupation of Lysychansk. This is reported in the review of the war in Ukraine for July 14.

It is noted that in the Donbas, Russian forces continue to conduct artillery strikes across a broad front followed by, in some areas, probing assaults by small company and platoon-sized units. But they have achieved no significant territorial advances over the last 72 hours and are in danger of losing any momentum built up following the capture of Lysychansk.

“The ageing vehicles, weapons, and Soviet-era tactics used by Russian forces do not lend themselves to quickly regaining or building momentum unless used in overwhelming mass – which Russia is currently unable to bring to bear,” the review says.

It is also stressed that despite the talks between delegations from Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, and the UN on grain exports, held on July 13, and recent successfully negotiated prisoner exchanges, the prospects for wider talks to end the conflict remain low.

The reviews in previous days reported that in the near future Russia is likely to focus on capturing small towns like Seversk and Dolyna on the approaches to Sloviansk and Kramatorsk. It was also noted that the depletion of Russian troops due to the lack of regular breaks from combat was likely one of the Russian army's biggest problems with personnel.

Author - Anastasiya Glotova, 14/07/2022

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