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Ukraine is developing two projects of its own anti-aircraft systems

Jul 7, 2023

Ukraine is currently developing two projects of its own anti-aircraft systems. The Ukrainian defense industry is working on them.


Minister of Strategic Industry Oleksandr Kamyshin stated this. The projects are already at the stage of first prototypes.

"We have several projects in progress that have intensified our work. Over the past month, two projects have undergone their first flight tests. Both were successful. We are still far from being ready, but we are doing everything to speed up the work," Kamyshin wrote, referring to the continued development of pre-war developments.

For their part, experts from the Ukrainian Military Center explained what kind of SAMs these could be. According to them, the announcement of the first flight tests indicates that both projects have already passed the initial design stage.

In particular, we are probably talking about the Coral, RK-10, and RIM-7 missile systems.

"The minister did not provide details and names of the promising weapons, but the illustration attached to the message shows a medium-range anti-aircraft missile "Coral". It is not known whether it was chosen on purpose or by accident. The manufacturer's public statements indicate that the design range of the anti-aircraft missile is 30-40 kilometers, and its maximum altitude is 10 kilometers. The latter parameter is somewhat surprising because all anti-aircraft missiles with a similar range have a ceiling of about 20 kilometers," the experts noted.

According to them, many of the new missile's components and assemblies are already ready, as their technologies have been tested in previous projects. This includes a solid fuel engine, a homing system, control of impulse correction engines, and an inertial system.

It is also known that two interchangeable homing heads were developed for the missile: active radar and thermal.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 07/07/2023

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