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Ukraine must adhere to a defensive policy toward China

May 25, 2023

Ukraine, as a future member of the EU and NATO, must adhere to their strategies, including with regard to China, but at the same time have room for maneuvering in the economic and cultural spheres.


This was stated by former Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin during the panel "Never Again: How to Win a War Without Losing Peace" at the Lviv Media Forum, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

"We are moving to the West and are about to become part of the EU and NATO. This means that we need to adhere to a protective policy towards China. Now China is very interested and trying to understand how it can play its role in the European security architecture. Of course, we have some room for maneuvering in cultural or economic relations. But if we talk about security, we, like the European Union, must adhere to a strategy of minimizing risks," Klimkin said.

He emphasized that solidarity in Europe is the basis for Ukraine's strength and security. However, the security models in Europe are outdated, so it is time to turn the page and create something new. At the same time, Klimkin said, there are countries in the EU that have a moment of reassurance or a dual mentality of victory or defeat, and they are not ready to fight. In particular, this refers to Germany's strategic culture.

"Now the Germans have been unable to prepare the final version of their security strategy for several months. And there are only two aspects: the first is China, and the second is Russia. If you can't define your approach to these countries at this level, how can you engage in a real struggle?" the former minister added.

According to Klimkin, the Western approach to Russia can be summarized in two simple points: deterrence and disengagement. Since there is no strategy for the former, and only Ukrainians act as a deterrent, this function will eventually be extended to the entire eastern flank of NATO, and there will be no answer to the question "What's next?" At the same time, the EU is not yet ready to turn 180 degrees away from Russia.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 26/05/2023

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