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US Senate says there is consensus to help Ukraine and Israel

Apr 15, 2024

US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, said that during a Sunday phone call between President Joe Biden and congressional leaders, a "consensus" was reached that Congress should act quickly to send aid to both Israel and Ukraine.

Schumer's statement was cited by ABC News.

Schumer expressed hope at a press conference in New York that something could be done this week to help both countries.


He noted that the best way to send aid to Israel and Ukraine is for the House of Representatives to pass the Senate-approved National Security Supplemental Act, which includes aid to both countries.

The Senate passed the $95 billion package in February, but House Speaker Mike Johnson did not bring it to a vote.

"The best way to help Israel rebuild its missile defense and counter-drone capabilities is to pass this supplemental immediately.

Author - Olena Madiak, 15/04/2024

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