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The Czech Republic complicates the work of Russian special services

May 30, 2023

Law enforcement officials in the Czech Republic have complicated the work of Russian special services by reducing the number of diplomats in the country. This was reported on May 29 by České noviny with reference to the director of the Security and Information Service, Michal Kudelka.

"The activities of Russian intelligence are more risky than those of Chinese intelligence. Due to the ongoing war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, Russian operations are openly aggressive," he said.

For example, the Russians are trying to prevent the approval of the US-Czech defense treaty. However, it is now more difficult for Russian special services in the Czech Republic to use the population as a source of information due to the low presence of Russian diplomats in the country.

Vladimir Posolda, director of the Department of Foreign Relations and Information, added that Russia is still ready to conduct intelligence operations abroad, including operations to eliminate specific people. He explained that in terms of information operations, Russia is still much more dangerous for the Czech Republic than China.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 30/05/2023

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